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rooly gharedaghli یکی از رکورد داران بیشترین تعداد پسند مطالب است!

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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

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  • استان محل سکونت

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    MIUI 8
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    اندروید ۶٫۰ مارشمالو

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  1. آپدیت

    سلام مرسی انجام شد
  2. آپدیت

    سلام آپدیت جدیت برا گوشیم آمده ولی با خود گوشی نمی تونم آپدیت کنم راهنمایی کنین لطفا
  3. نمی دونم باید کار دیگه ای انجام بدم
  4. باسلام من گوشیمو آنلاک کردم بعد ۳ساعت این پیام اومد You've been granted the permission to unlock your device (Mi Account 1639769842). Download Mi Unlock Tool at روی لینکشو که زدم باز این تصویر اومد بعد رام گولو بال و دانلود کردم واز طزیق خود گوشی خواستم آبدیت کنم که باز این پیامو میده چکارش کنم
  5. متشکر ممنون .گوشیم ردمی نات ۳ پرو است کولوکام اگه بکام بگیرم از نرم افزارهام توی رام گولوبال جواب میده اطلاعات گوشی عکس و موسیقی پاک میشه یا نه خطا میده
  6. باسلام رام گوشی من چین میخوام گلوبال کنم از همین روش جواب میده ممنون اگه جواب بدین
  7. اپدیت اندروید

    سلام گوشی من زبانش اینگلیسیه باید کدام قسمت برم تا کشورو عوض کنم ممنون
  8. اندروید هفت

    با سلام برای ردمی نات ۳پرو هم میاد یا نه،ببخشید آپدیت جدید براش کی میاد
  9. مشکل شارژ گوشی

    سلام از اون موقعه ای که آپدیت جدید ۸.۲.۱.۰ رو نصب کردم گوشیمو وقتی به شارژ میزن قطع و وصل میشه و خیلی هم دیر تر شارژ میگیره چیکارکنم خواهشن کمک
  10. چگونه خدمات گوگل رو فعال کنیم؟

    سه انگشت هم زمان رویه صفحه بکش یا دکمه ولم پایین با دکمه قفل و هم زمان نگه دار
  11. فعال کردن پشتیبانی از OTG در MIUI

    آپدیت جدید آمده یه امتحان کن شاید بشه( )
  12. آپدیت جدید رسید

    New - Brand new system sounds and ringtones (02-22) New - Introducing Smart assistant (02-22) New - Get full control over automated tasks (02-22) New - New improved layout for toggles in the Notification shade (02-22) New - New Feedback app (02-22) Phone Optimization - Optimized ringtone volume for the cases when the earphones are connected (11-15) Messaging New - Added "Copy" buttons for message items in the Notification shade (10-11) New - Card design for verification messages (10-24) New - A button for paying credit cards in Alipay or WeChat for Messaging (11-01) New - Messages sent in the background are attributed to the apps that send them (11-08) Optimization - Extended time for floating notifications about verification messages (10-09) Optimization - Notification sound algorithm for conversation view in Messaging (11-08) Optimization - Faster swipe for service numbers (11-08) Optimization - Verification codes are highlighted among unread notifications (11-22) Optimization - Delivery company names are displayed on the cards (11-22) Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar New - Swipe to delete Lock screen notifications (11-18) New - Fingerprint can be used as the Privacy protection password (11-21) New - UI adjustments for toggles (12-15) New - Battery saver toggle can be added to the Notification shade (12-15) Optimization - Unnecessary animations in Notification shade and global search (11-11) Optimization - Lock screen PIN layout (11-15) Optimization - UI adjustments for screen lock, password, and fingerprints (11-21) Optimization - Changed icons for USB charging and switching keyboards (12-01) Optimization - Floating notifications won't appear in DND mode (12-13) Fix - Notification shade issues during incoming call floating notifications (10-25) Fix - Wi-Fi page made the device freeze when it was opened for the first time (11-07) Fix - Mi SIM label stayed in the status bar after the feature had been turned off (11-14) Fix - Notification shade issues (11-15) Fix - Issues with opacity after using third party themes (11-15) Fix - The first notification couldn't be removed by a swipe (11-29) Fix - Landscape mode issues with third party themes (12-06) Home screen New - Introducing Smart assistant (11-10) New - Home screen settings added to the Settings (11-22) Fix - Part of UI for deleting apps wasn't visible on light backgrounds (10-11) Fix - Minor adjustments for animations in the Launcher (11-14) Gallery New - Recently deleted photos in Albums (11-15) New - "People who look alike" in Gallery (11-29) New - Black and white colors for doodles (12-05) Fix - The date wasn't displayed correctly when videos were transferred to a computer (11-15) Music New - All-new albums (11-22) Optimization - Shuffle algorithms (11-01) Optimization - Layout adjustments (11-29) Weather Optimization - Algorithms for pushing and deleting alerts (11-07) Optimization - Redesigned content layouts (11-22) Optimization - Home page animation adjustments (12-06) Optimization - UI improvements for selecting cities (12-06) Fix - DNS issues, increased update rate (11-07) Fix - Weather info wasn't updated on time (11-07) Fix - Status bar and Home screen couldn't monitor updates (11-22) Fix - High battery consumption on standby in Airplane mode (11-22) Fix - FC issues in some cases (11-22) Fix - When update data after sunset, weather background picture didn't change (12-13) Settings Optimization - Set start and end time for Read mode even when it's off (10-10) Optimization - Alerts for factory data reset to avoid unintentional data loss (11-18) New - Added MIUI Forum to Feedback (11-15) Market Optimization - Music apps won't update while the music is playing (11-01) Optimization - Animations in app details (11-01) Optimization - Apps sorted by frequency before they are deleted (11-29) Fix - Automatic updates were interrupted when App Store was stopped (12-08) Calendar Optimization - Bigger fonts in month view (10-11) Optimization - Holidays are marked in a more obvious way in the month view (10-11) Data Usage New - Custom mobile data plan settings for Mi Mobile (10-31) Notes New - Sort notes by the last edit or according to the date the notes were created (10-21) Optimization - A switch in the settings for showing only quick notes (10-11) Clock / Calculator New - The alarm is saved automatically after Home button is tapped (11-08) New - Turn off alarm notifications in the Clock settings (11-08) Optimization - Angle calculations in scientific calculator (10-25) Virus Scan New - Antivirus scans for the apps installed from third party markets (11-02) Security New - Added automated tasks in Security (10-11) New - Background payment security scans with improved efficiency (10-24) New - New design for antivirus, Exceptions option (10-26) Quick Ball New - One-handed mode for Quick ball (11-16)
  13. آپدیت جدید برای mi5 اومده؟

    باسلام برو توی این لینک میتونی ببینی
  14. آپدیت جدید رسید

    برای گوشی Redmi Note 3 Pro استیبل چین
  15. عمل نکردن حسگر اثر انگشت

    با سلام و خسته نباشید وقتی انگشتم رو میزنم صفحه گوشی خاموش روشن میشه و صفحه رو باز نمیکنه فقط بای اول کلید قفل رو بزنی تا صفحه روشن شه بعد حسگر عمل میکنه باتشکر